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Yingde Gases Reunites with Lanxin Steel on the Coke Oven Gas - Chemical Cogeneration Project

On December 15, 2022, Yingde Gases Grouphereinafter referred to as Yingde Gasessigned a cooperation agreement with Lanxin Steel Grouphereinafter referred to as Lanxinwherein Yingde Gases will provide the extraction units for Lanxin's 1.2 million ton-a-year coking project, for the production of high value-added LNG chemical products, as well as the cogeneration of synthetic ammonia and hydrogen. 

Yingde Gases is a large-scale gas company committed to furthering industrial development in China. It is also one of the few gas companies boasting a successful track record across multiple coke oven gas projects from start to finish, from investing to equipping, to operating facilities at capacity. 

Lanxin's facilities are situated in the Lanzhou city Gaolan county (Heishi) Cycle Economic Industrial Park. Lanxin boasts an annual output of 3.2 million tons of seismic-resistant, reinforced steel rebar. In 2020 Lanxin ascended to fourth place in the annual ranking of Gansu Province's Top 50 private enterprises. 

This is Yingde Gases' third partnership with Lanxin Steel Group, following a joint Phase I air separation project in 2016, and a Phase II air separation project in 2020. This new partnership aims to achieve a high utilization rate for Lanxin's coke-oven emissions. The planned co-generation of LNG products synthetic ammonia and hydrogen with extraction units furnished by Yingde Gases will further extend Lanxin's product line while enhancing said company's core competitive strengths. Concurrently, this project reinforces Yingde Gases' commitment to the “steel – coke – chemical – hydrogen” production chain, both in terms of pure capital and physical operations. Expanding and solidifying coke oven gas facilities to produce high added-value chemical products, and generating low-carbon blue hydrogen to prepare highly pure hydrogen products are crucial components of Yingde Gases' “LEAP” strategy, providing a major boost to the group's green hydrogen agenda.