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 Yingde Gases Acquires Nanhua Gas

Yingde Gases Grouphereinafter referred to as Yingde Gases or the Groupin December successfully completed the purchase of a 100% stake in Shanghai Nanhua Industrial Gas Company, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanhua Gas) and affiliated companies. This is Yingde Gases' first acquisition on packaged gas, effectively expanding the group's influence in the fields of industrial packaged gas and medical oxygen. The acquisition marks an important milestone in the group's strategic packaged-gas agenda – a clear indication that the group is entering the new area in packaged gas. 

Since the rollout of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, government and industry have been busy formulating and implementing strategies to increase domestic demand, building new infrastructure and networks to facilitate growth, the result being an increased flow of capital investment into the manufacturing industry, and an intensifying proliferation of new products and industries. Furthermore, industry and commerce are now gaining an added boost from the surge in activity post-COVID. Apart from pipeline gas demand, the packaged gas sector is raising expectations on the demand side from the supply side. Yingde Gases is staying abreast of nationwide trends, accomplishing the mission of the times by going full steam ahead with its Retail 3.0 strategy; expanding into downstream packaged gas supply by way of mergers and acquisitions; energizing the market while optimizing its own product portfolio and amplifying brand impact; and scaling up its packaged gas business while continuously adding its value at the same time.

Shanghai Nanhua Industrial Gas Company specializes in the production and shipping of packaged industrial gases and medical-grade cylinders, as well as other packaged gases. At present Nanhua Gas ships out a million gas cylinders every year – one of the top three enterprises in Shanghai for annual packaged gas output. With the acquisition of Nanhua Gas, Yingde Gases has gained access to packaged gas and liquid products both up and downstream, further enhancing the group's ability to back up a steady supply of medical oxygen, while realizing the full potential of Yingde Gases' strength in resources, synergizing efforts to further expand into high added-value syngas and other products, transforming Nanhua Gas into the flagship store for Yingde Gases' packaged gas business and brand.

Yingde Gases Group CEO Steven Fang expressed the following:"The acquisition of Nanhua Gas is an important step in Yingde Gases' packaged gas strategy. This acquisition will further broaden and deepen Yingde Gases' packaged gas business, effectively tapping into new growth potential for the group as whole. I believe that the synergy of resources and the mutual advantages gained thereof will reinforce the foundation upon which Yingde Gases will rise up in the packaged gas market segment, rounding out the value chain and providing the impetus for sustainable and robust growth of the group in the near future."